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Crafted in Bulgaria,
inspired by Nature.

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Candy Collection

natural - raw - no added sugar

The collection is designed to redefine the essence of gourmet taste. Our quality candies are handcrafted using a masterful blend of dried fruits, creamy nuts, delicate cacao nibs, natural cocoa and a touch of golden and sweet organic honey.

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Get ready

For yammy adventures!


We believe that healthy eating starts from a young age. That's why we created Soo Raw Kids. Our delectable line of organic raw bars specially designed to nourish and satisfy the taste buds of all children. Made with love and care, these bars are a delicious way to introduce kids to wholesome organic produce.

We understand how important it is to provide our children with desserts that are both delicious and healthy. With three mouth-watering flavours, Soo Raw Kids provides an irresistible treat for every little one.


Raw Crackers


Discover the unadulterated quality of natural Soo Raw crackers, crafted to nourish your body and satiate your taste buds. 

With our five unique flavours - Tomato with Basil, Hemp Seeds, Sesame, Nettle with Black Cumin and Protein - we invite you to embark on a healthy journey.

Made with carefully selected natural ingredients, Soo Raw's crackers are a testament to the power of quality food that has undergone minimal cooking. Each bite is an explosion of natural flavours, with the crackers packed with vital nutrients to give you energy for your active lifestyle.

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