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Driven by the desire to choose clean food, in recent years we have been confronted with a huge supply of products that include more and more additives, enhancers, colorants, flavorings... all things that every health-conscious person would like to avoid. So the idea was born to create products that contained no additives, went through minimal processing and included only quality ingredients. I wanted to create desserts and savoury crackers that were convenient to take with us on the go - to work or while travelling, as well as delicious and guilt-free to eat at home.

We are developing our own production plant, where we create our products - with pure ingredients - natural or organic.

Our products are made from real Bulgarian fruits, nuts and seeds, vegetables and spices. The recipes we have been working on for months are created with a lot of love for a healthy lifestyle and attention to quality taste. Ingredients are selected, combined and tested every day to achieve a perfect balance and saturation of new and novel flavours.

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The habit you create today for your children, tomorrow they will bequeath to your grandchildren. 

In this regard, we chose to make new and different products to educate a new way of eating, to pay attention to what food we share with our loved ones. Through our products we want to convey this philosophy of healthy eating, healthy thinking, therefore healthy living.

Let us think about us, about our heirs, this is the message we want to convey. And we are not just talking about healthy eating, but about a way of thinking and an upbringing to pass on to the next generation. What we are teaching our children and grandchildren today is one of the main methods of leaving our mark on generations to come.